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.Archibald Gracie III was born on December 1, 1832..   He was born into a wealthy New York City family  with interests in exporting cotton from Mobile, Alabama, 

After graduating from West Point in 1854, he was appointed a second lieutenant.In 1857, Duiring his time at West Point the Superintendent was Robert E. Lee.  Gracie resigned his post to join his father's firm, established during the 1840s in Mobile, Alabama, as agents of the London banking firm of Baring brothers.  Later Gracie became the President of the Barings Bank of Mobile.   It was here in Mobile that he joined the Washington Light Infantry and became its captain. By the orders of Governor Andrew B. Moore, Archibald and his men took the Mount Vernon Arsenal.

When Alabama seceded in 1861, Gracie enlisted in the Confederate States Army. In June 1861, he was  a major of the 11th Alabama Regiment. From March to April 1862, he commanded a small company of sharpshooters, who were some of the first to reinforce General Magruder during the Battle of Yorktown.   In July of that year, Gracie was put in command of a brigade near Chattanooga, Tennessee, consisting of the 43rd Alabama Infantry, 55th Georgia Infantry, 12th Georgia Infantry, 1st Georgia Artillery, and 1st Florida Dismounted Regiment.  Because of  his successes in Huntsville, Tennessee, he was promoted to brigadier general on November 4, 1862, at the age of 29.   His company was the guard of the rear of General Bragg's army in Harrodsburg during his retreat from the Battle of Perryville, and during his retreat after the Tullahoma Campaign. General Gracie's command took an active role during the Battle of Chickamauga, where he lost over 700 men.

Gracie and his unit then joined General James Longstreet's army at the Battle of Bean's Station. During this battle, Gracie was shot in the arm, causing temporary paralysis of his little and ring fingers.[9] After his recovery, he was sent to Richmond to join General Beauregard.  While there, he had a horse shot out from under him, but came away relatively unscathed.   During the Siege of Petersburg, General Robert E. Lee was at "Gracie's Mortar Hell" inspecting Gracie's defenses. When Lee raised his head over the wall to glance at the Union position, Gracie climbed the wall in front of him. Lee then stated, "Why, Gracie, you will certainly be killed." Gracie replied, "It is better, General, that I be killed than you. When you get down, I will.

Between July and December 1864, Gracie served in the trenches of Petersburg, Virginia, during the Siege of Petersburg. On December 1, Gracie's 32nd birthday, his second child, a girl, was born, and he was to take a leave to see the baby on December 3,   On December 2, however, Archibald Gracie was looking out at the Union lines through his telescope when an artillery shell exploded in front of him, killing him instantly.

Because of his actions at the Battle of Chickamauga, Gracie's name was put into consideration for a promotion to a major general, but his death caused the consideration to be suspended.

Gracie is buried in Woodlawn Cemetery in The BronxNew York City.