BG Philip D. Roddey


General Philip Dale Roddey was born in Moulton Alabama in 1820,  He did nor receive any formal schooling  and first worked as a tailor.  Later he became a deputy sheriff in Lawrence County.  In 1861 he went into the steamboat business. 

He recruited a company of mounted men and entered Confederate service as it's Captain.  His company repelled the first union attck on North Alabama.  He proved to be a fierce fighter and a clever strategist.  He rose to the rank of Brigideer general.  He served under General Wheeler and fought in the Tennessee Campaign and in Tennessee and Alabama.

After the war h abandoned his family and moved to New York.  From there he moved to London England,  He died there and his body was returned to Alabama for burial.

He died on July 20, 1897 and is buried in Greenwood Cemetery in Tuscaloosa Alabama.